Universe Conspires, only if you Inspire



Many across generations have said that if you want something really bad then the universe conspires to make it happen. As a storyteller, I think I know how that happens.

You see, the universe conspires if inspired. And the inspiration as we all know is a Story.

Make a decision – tell yourself a story about your dreams and goals. Answer all the six questions – WHO, WHY, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW to figure out what you really want. Remember, like others, narratives and not just plain facts or truths move you. It’s easier to convince the world if you are convinced.

Conspiracy is a Story – a story is created for a purpose and so is yours. If your story is the action you want then the reaction should be how the world will help you to achieve your goals. Tell the world your story. However, you need to walk the talk only then will people trust you. Progress towards your goal and shout out. Repeat your story. That’s when people join you. Remember, everybody loves to board a gravy train.

Make it happen – every small achievement when communicated gains momentum re-affirming not only the decision but also the action. When the train gathers speed don’t forget to blow the horn!

Simply put, the world needs to know what is your dream and how are you going about achieving it before it can conspire to help you achieve your goals. But to do that that you need a story that not only stimulates minds but also touches hearts.

And that’s when a your story communicated with a purpose becomes a reality. So, what’s your story?


The TRUTH between FACT and FICTION


If you don’t get to the story then the story gets you!

“There’s so much grey to every story – nothing is so black and white”, says Lisa Ling, the host of CNN’s This Is Life With Lisa Ling. She sure knows more than a thing or two about stories.

But the way stories get rendered in today’s world is frightening to say the least. Simplified more than a ready-to-eat meal! These stories, served as dollops of inspiration or spoonful of perspective, thrive in an ever-increasing speed of dissemination and an equally decreasing attention span of ‘ardent’ readers.

Beware the Truth. Hidden between a few facts and some inane details or fiction are the so-called truths that the storytellers want us to believe. And they rely on the age-old formula of advertising to achieve this feat – repeat, repeat, repeat.

Sadly, we live in an era where followers are currency, adulation knows no age and fame, even fleeting, is a fortune. Today, stories are used like darts – you don’t know where they are coming from and they just prick you but, over a period of time, they definitely get you.

The only way to identify the grey matter from the black and white is to rely on the SIX WISE MEN. They are the only ones who can guide us through the maze of stories that begin hitting us from the time we wake up till we go to bed.



Lady, Be Mine

Lady, Be Mine

My heart yearns for her touch

And my mind thinks of her day and night

She had walked into a party with my friend

Oh, it was love at first sight

He doesn’t deserve her, I thought

This lady should be mine

Like a lover spurned and scorned

I followed her everywhere, never out of sight

Jealousy tore through my heart seeing her with so many men

Why has she never been with me, I thought to myself

She flirts with some for a short time

And with some an entire lifetime

Don’t be fooled by her beauty or her vivacity

She is an obedient woman, she is Destiny’s only child

But I want to court her, I yelled at the old man

Don’t give me advice, tell me how I can

Believe in your dreams and work hard friend

Destiny will smile at you; her daughter will follow then.

Romantic Reality

Romantic Reality

Isn’t that an oxymoron? But that’s how we are – pointedly foolish.

Our reality starts off the day we are born and ends with our death. The world as we know exists between these two points only. But how many things that we know or have an opinion on are based on our own realities, our very own experiences?

The truth is that a miniscule part of our lives is based on our own realities and we are more often than not living the romance created by others.

And the romantic episodes in our life are many – religion, relationships, culture, but the most romantic of them all – success. 

Aha – that sweet smell.

Honestly, for a long time I didn’t even know what was the smell like. I mean, not that I haven’t had my successes in life. Hell, I have been successful but it was painful. If there was any smell, it was hard to come by and felt like work. But others told me that success was sweet so I believed their romance and kicked my reality.

No longer.

Considering that I have limited time in this world, I’d rather focus on my reality than romance created by others. Else, I will never live my life leave alone have a story.

What’s your core project?

What’s your core project?

I saw an amazing TED talk by Brian Little today. What started as an educating, funny talk ended with an intriguing question.

Many believe that super successful people – ones who have scripted a story that echoes in eternity have some specific traits. A lot has been written about these traits and many have embarked on a mission to internalise these traits in order to be successful.

But can we really look at someone’s story and say hey I’d like a similar one? Doubt it.

Brian puts it very succinctly – “you’re like some other people and like no other person”. His point is that we may have certain personality traits that can be identified and even catalogued but that’s not who we are.

That brings me to the intriguing question – do we know what is our core project? 

We all have a core project in our lives. And we have the ability to go beyond our personality type to execute our projects.

To my mind, it all depends on how we think of our project. How big we want to make it.

People who dreamed big dreamed of a big project. And they didn’t get bogged down by their traits rather transcended them to display the ones that would help them execute their core projects.

Remember, every project starts with answering the six key questions – Rudyard Kipling’s six wise men. The day we answer these questions is the day we understand the core project of our life. And that day, I believe, we take the first step.


[Image: Flickr user Michael Pollak]

Don’t give up, just yet

Don’t give up, just yet

Listen to my heart, it will tell you a story

Of a man’s search for a path to glory

The dreams started with ebb and a flow

But soon engulfed everything I know


The mind if you read will give you clues

Of many false starts and failed attempts

But tugging and towing every string

Didn’t ever leave hope of a life fulfilled


Hold my hands and you will feel

A grip so strong that will make you wince

The lines on my palms may have worn

Yet the fists will prove that they are strong


Walk with me and I am sure

You will soon be out of breath

For my feet seem to have wings

They are as steadfast as they can be


Heed the voice and you will hear it grow

Despite the din of naysayers you know

But alas your ears listen to them

Hanging to every word that leaves them


You can’t see me it is true

For I am nothing but a reflection of you

Soul, ego, and inner voice they call me

The ones who have recognized me so


I am waiting for you around the corner

Am sure you will find me sooner than later

Pray, don’t give up just yet

Because I am the only hope you have