Hemant Bohra is a storyteller, first generation entrepreneur and bibliophile turned author. Alumni of KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies, Hemant started his career with capital markets as an equity trader and holds more than two decades of experience across multiple sectors. He went on to take the entrepreneurial plunge with Value Dialog, among India’s earliest investor relations firms. With the equity markets becoming hostile, Hemant had to give up his entrepreneurial dream to start afresh in a relatively new industry of public relations. 

In 2009, more than 7 years after his last entrepreneurial foray, Hemant rekindled his entrepreneurial tryst as a co-founder of Fortuna Public Relations, a pan-India communications firm. Using the instincts of a storyteller, Hemant uses a combination of intuition and facts to build a story around his clients’ business. He believes that everyone has a story to tell; one just needs to find his/her own story and build a narrative around it.

In 2016, he once again turned a new leaf by deciding to author a book. Apart from being an entrepreneur and a storyteller, Hemant is a complete movie buff and an avid reader. 

 Hemant lives in Mumbai with his parents, wife and two kids. He can be reached at hbohra@gmail.com.