Universe Conspires, only if you Inspire



Many across generations have said that if you want something really bad then the universe conspires to make it happen. As a storyteller, I think I know how that happens.

You see, the universe conspires if inspired. And the inspiration as we all know is a Story.

Make a decision – tell yourself a story about your dreams and goals. Answer all the six questions – WHO, WHY, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW to figure out what you really want. Remember, like others, narratives and not just plain facts or truths move you. It’s easier to convince the world if you are convinced.

Conspiracy is a Story – a story is created for a purpose and so is yours. If your story is the action you want then the reaction should be how the world will help you to achieve your goals. Tell the world your story. However, you need to walk the talk only then will people trust you. Progress towards your goal and shout out. Repeat your story. That’s when people join you. Remember, everybody loves to board a gravy train.

Make it happen – every small achievement when communicated gains momentum re-affirming not only the decision but also the action. When the train gathers speed don’t forget to blow the horn!

Simply put, the world needs to know what is your dream and how are you going about achieving it before it can conspire to help you achieve your goals. But to do that that you need a story that not only stimulates minds but also touches hearts.

And that’s when a your story communicated with a purpose becomes a reality. So, what’s your story?


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