Isn’t that an oxymoron? But that’s how we are – pointedly foolish.

Our reality starts off the day we are born and ends with our death. The world as we know exists between these two points only. But how many things that we know or have an opinion on are based on our own realities, our very own experiences?

The truth is that a miniscule part of our lives is based on our own realities and we are more often than not living the romance created by others.

And the romantic episodes in our life are many – religion, relationships, culture, but the most romantic of them all – success. 

Aha – that sweet smell.

Honestly, for a long time I didn’t even know what was the smell like. I mean, not that I haven’t had my successes in life. Hell, I have been successful but it was painful. If there was any smell, it was hard to come by and felt like work. But others told me that success was sweet so I believed their romance and kicked my reality.

No longer.

Considering that I have limited time in this world, I’d rather focus on my reality than romance created by others. Else, I will never live my life leave alone have a story.


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