I saw an amazing TED talk by Brian Little today. What started as an educating, funny talk ended with an intriguing question.

Many believe that super successful people – ones who have scripted a story that echoes in eternity have some specific traits. A lot has been written about these traits and many have embarked on a mission to internalise these traits in order to be successful.

But can we really look at someone’s story and say hey I’d like a similar one? Doubt it.

Brian puts it very succinctly – “you’re like some other people and like no other person”. His point is that we may have certain personality traits that can be identified and even catalogued but that’s not who we are.

That brings me to the intriguing question – do we know what is our core project? 

We all have a core project in our lives. And we have the ability to go beyond our personality type to execute our projects.

To my mind, it all depends on how we think of our project. How big we want to make it.

People who dreamed big dreamed of a big project. And they didn’t get bogged down by their traits rather transcended them to display the ones that would help them execute their core projects.

Remember, every project starts with answering the six key questions – Rudyard Kipling’s six wise men. The day we answer these questions is the day we understand the core project of our life. And that day, I believe, we take the first step.


[Image: Flickr user Michael Pollak]


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