Listen to my heart, it will tell you a story

Of a man’s search for a path to glory

The dreams started with ebb and a flow

But soon engulfed everything I know


The mind if you read will give you clues

Of many false starts and failed attempts

But tugging and towing every string

Didn’t ever leave hope of a life fulfilled


Hold my hands and you will feel

A grip so strong that will make you wince

The lines on my palms may have worn

Yet the fists will prove that they are strong


Walk with me and I am sure

You will soon be out of breath

For my feet seem to have wings

They are as steadfast as they can be


Heed the voice and you will hear it grow

Despite the din of naysayers you know

But alas your ears listen to them

Hanging to every word that leaves them


You can’t see me it is true

For I am nothing but a reflection of you

Soul, ego, and inner voice they call me

The ones who have recognized me so


I am waiting for you around the corner

Am sure you will find me sooner than later

Pray, don’t give up just yet

Because I am the only hope you have


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