“One of the most important things that someone needs to do in life, and often neglects, is reflection”, wrote Tai Snow in his book – Stoicism: A Beginners Guide to the Wisdom of Seneca, Marcus Aurelius and the Stoic Life.

We all know that there is absolute truth in the statement. In fact, most of us are so busy with our lives, running around like headless chickens that reflection seems to be a far cry. 

Why do we not reflect? Is it because we do not know how to reflect or don’t think that the outcome of reflection will benefit us? I’m sure that there must be something more happening in our minds because reflection is one activity where we don’t need anyone but ourselves.

I believe, and it is view that I have expressed in my book as well; back in our formation years, everybody was expecting us to answer questions. And these questions came from our parents, teachers and almost anyone who wanted us to know answers to all the questions possible in order to be intelligent thereby successful. 

It is only after going through the trials and tribulations of adulthood that we may find the need to reflect. And it all probably starts with a question – Is this the kind of life that I wanted to have for myself? Is this my story?


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