A great poet once introduced me to six wise men;

Their names are WHO, WHAT, HOW, WHY, WHERE and WHEN.

I kept bumping into them one-way or the other,

But not for a purpose and never together,

Till one day, asked a friend in need,

Will your six wise men help me?

Of course, I replied, but remember to be true,

For if you lie to them, they too will to you!

WHO and WHY like to have a chat heart to heart,

Don’t fool around with them, just play your part.

WHAT and WHERE have the world to show,

If your choice is bold then you will grow.

WHEN and HOW are a trifle restless,

Heed them else you will be worthless.

Remember, I added, they are not fortunetellers,

But they sure help discover the winners,

For the one person who can make a difference in your life,

Is none other than you yourself, with a little help from the wise.

(From my book, Your Story Your Way)


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