One would hardly expect this to be a discussion topic on a Saturday night party with friends. But a Donna Ables link featuring Keanu Reeves talking about why you should live your life to the fullest and which I had shared a couple of weeks back (must read, if you haven’t, yet) did the trick. 

 And as I see it, there were two camps on Saturday Night – the ones who were more fearful than the other group. Arguments flew thick and fast till I shared a little known secret with my friends – breakfast is the most important meal of the day was propaganda by the eggs and bacon industry after World War I. That’s it. Both camps became one and the advertising industry started getting hammered for the tricks it plays on our minds.

 While driving back from the party I kept thinking – What is the price of this fear? How much of my dreams and ambitions get amputated by this unknown fear in me?

 I don’t know about the dollars spent on these campaigns but I do know that no one can calculate the price of the fearful souls that we have become today. Fear the future and the present; fear for our loved ones; fear for what is in our control and also not in our control. The list is endless. 

 And the price I pay everyday for not living the way I want to live. Alas, the inspirational and motivational messages and quotes on FB are no match to the tirade from advertisers.


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