Last week I went to watch Pele – a biopic of the legendary Brazilian footballer.

Waiting at the multiplex, my 9 year old daughter noticed a huge crowd outside the gate of the adjacent hall while there were hardly any people outside the hall showing Pele. Like any inquisitive nine year old, she promptly asked me the name of the movie which was showing in the adjacent hall. They are going to watch Civil War I told her. And as we were entering our hall a question popped in my head – “Who are our heroes?”

Is it a man who rose through poverty with utmost dedication and hard work notwithstanding his genius or a bunch of characters created on a computer screen?

The box office collection of the two movies tell the story. Of course, reasons are many for the unprecedented surge in superhero movies which I have touched upon in my book. While kids don’t know the names of the yesteryear greats who scripted a success story, they want to emulate the superheroes.

Don’t know how to explain to my daughter and my son that the real heroes walk among us and are not just somebody’s figment of imagination.


3 thoughts on “Who are our heroes?

  1. I totally agree with you Hemath.. success n goodness is measured in terms of wealth a person owns…
    similarly a good movie is which may not have content but has earned crores at the box office..

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